Connecting through Nature Stories

Fun stories by Rod about animals, plants and ecosystems from their perspectives.

Connecting through Men’s Groups

Rod shares his experiences with men’s groups, the protocols they use and the WA Annual Men’s Gathering.

Connecting through Scenario Futures

Scenario stories by Rod of Perth City, the Western Australian Wheatbelt and the WA rangelands evoking potential for sustainability.

Connecting through Noongar culture at Nowanup

Eugene Eades runs a powerful earth reconnection program for his Aboriginal people and others. Rod has been supporting this work

Connecting for Earth-Humanity Decisions

Our meetings, in all facets of our lives, can be enriched through connecting with the Earth.

Connecting through Sharing Circles

Rod shares his experiences with listening and sharing in circles and his communication skills forum design

Connecting through Vegetable and Bushfoods Gardens

Rod has been supporting growing interest in food and bushfoods gardens.

"Supporting conditions for healthy Earth-Humanity systems. Creating opportunities for people to connect with the Earth, each other and themselves."