Connecting through Nature Stories

I hope you enjoy the two stories available here Mr. Worm and Spider Flying. The sketches are by my brother Nick Safstrom. You can see his work here.

I like telling the stories and engaging with others to tell their stories. It can be fun pretending to be an animal or plant.

A set of animal stories will be available for sale as booklets and on CD from this website soon. Other titles are:

  • Aussie the Wattlebird enjoying the curly haired one

  • Rainbow Bee eater flys to New Guinea

  • Bullant 202 in defensive of her nest

  • Enjoying Being a Butterfly

  • Clem, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo sad about food trees being cut down

  • Dugi the Dugite – do you like surprises

  • Frederick the Wedgetailed Eagle has an accident

  • Gnow the Malleefowl has some surprises

  • Taddy the tadpole likes jelly and learns to croak

  • Termi the termite want to eat your house

  • Woody the Wood Duck has a high jump.

I also like telling stories about how ecosystems work, telling them from the perspective of the ecosystem.

The following stories will be available for sale soon in print and CD:

  • Can you see me? Can you read me? A little story asking us to sit quietly and read the history of a forest from looking at the signs of change over time

  • Hesterbush. The bush explaining why she likes the way Will learns from watching to the bush

  • Jarrah. This is a set of ecololgy teaching stories with the trees sharing their life cycles and why their way is best compared with their mates in the bush. The stories are from Jarrah, Mallee, Mallet, Banksia and Wattle

  • One by One is the story of an old lonely Candlebark tree in Victoria and his cry to let him regenerate

  • Snowy, the Snow gum tells of his life in Victorian Alps above the snow line and how the he and the trees below the snow line have each adapted differently to fire

  • I am Paperbark is a poem depicting the coming of white people to the wetlands south of Perth Western Australia and his cry for the land.