Mr Worm

Rodney Safstrom, 2010

Once upon a time a long time ago or not very long ago there was a little worm, a very wriggly little worm. He liked to explore, he loved messy dirty yuk stuff. You know mouldy old bread, mushy tomatoes. But he did not like them like that really, he preferred them when they were slimy and he could crawl between the bits munching his way, nice and damp.

Now our little worm could not see behind him. As he crawled along eating his way through the yuk he left behind a trail of the most scrumptious poo! Little black bits all packed together. Gradually as he toured his vast yucky estate he converted it into scrumptious poo. Sometimes someone added some more banana skins, an old apple, skins from the water melon. He drooled waiting for them to be yucky enough to munch.

One day to his surprise he met a mummy worm busy munching away too. They both liked the yucky stuff and they both made beautiful poo. Well of course they fell in love and made lots of babies and the babies loved the yucky stuff and they made beautiful poo. Soon there were so many babies and so many wriggling worms that the people had to ask their friends for more old bread and left over pasta and old lettuce leaves. Soon there was a whole old bathtub full of worms, yucky stuff and scrumptious poo too.

But one of the people put in some orange peel and old lemons and some onion skins. Orhrh went the worms and ran away to the other end of the bathtub. Rrrhrhhor they did not like that. Then there was digging and the people saw such messy yuk where the orange peels were and no worms and realized their mistake so they mixed in some sweet lime. The worms smelt the sweetness and hurried over and ate all the bits and made more beautiful poo.

Yummy ooo so yummy said the tomato plant. Someone had sprinkled the beautiful pool around the tomato plants and some worms too. The worms loved the freedom of the garden and started eating the mulch. Sometimes the worms would look up and see the beautiful red tomatoes and long green beans and lettuce leaves, then he would dive down amongst the roots busily making more poo. Ooo so yummy said the beans, scrumptious said the lettuce leaves, we do love your poo Mr Worm.

Mr and Mrs worm were very proud of all their children so busily making glorious poo. And the people children came out and munched the fantastic strawberries growing in fantastic poo. And do you know what? Those big snails and those slimy slugs they loved all the yummy plants too. Munch, munch, munch and they left their poo in little piles on the leaves, yuk, yuk, yuk!

This story was inspired by mum Peggy Safstrom sharing with me her experiences with her compost worm farm.