Connecting through Noongar culture at Nowanup

Nowanup – Noongar Reconnection with Boodja

I have been privileged to be on a ‘Journey into Spirit’ with Noongar elder Dr. Noel Nannup and with Sean Nannup into the wheatbelt of Western Australia where we spent five days immersed in country and learning about the land and Noongar Aboriginal culture with new eyes. This journey was a doorway for me to be invited down to Nowanup between the Stirling Ranges and the Fitzgerald National Park where Noongar leader Eugene Eades runs cultural reconnection programs. I was familiar with the land having been part of the negotiation to purchase the land for conservation in 2004 and having camped on the land a number of times while negotiating conservation purchases in the area for the Gondwana Link project. At the end of the visit I was inspired to ask Eugene if there was anything we could do to assist. He said we could rebuild the Meeting Place structure as the white ants were eating the timbers.

This led to a rich partnership with the Darlington Men’s Group and now three trips later the meeting place is rebuilt and we have achieved a ‘makeover’ (renovation) of the Cottage and improvement to the community kitchen facilities. In total more than $20,000 in commercial value. Our model is to each provide $100 for materials and to cover all our travel and food costs. We gain so much richness by being on the land with Noongar people.


The Darlington Men’s group has more projects in the pipeline and would appreciate financial and physical support.