Connecting for Earth-Humanity Decisions

I have been greatly puzzled sometimes while sitting in meetings where major policies are being discussed that impact on the ecosystems of the places where we live. For example if a community decides it can draw down the water tables beyond the rate of replenishment and this might impact on our wetlands then I seem as if can feel that happening. I can feel perhaps what is happening to the land and tell a story of what the land is feeling. But I notice that others seem oblivious to the implications of the policies that are created and tend to adopt people-centric decisions that perhaps could have unintended consequences in the future.

This was part of my motivation for writing scenario stories of possible futures (link to scenario section) to enable people perhaps to feel the possible consequences of the decisions we make today from an intellectual perspective alone.

Then I wonder if perhaps we started such meetings, and perhaps all our personal, business and government decision making from a place of connecting with the earth then surely our decisions could nurture instead of disadvantage humanities long term well being on the Earth.

A way to do this might be to:

  • Start a meeting or process in quietness thinking about:
    • How I sit with the earth right now – perhaps an encounter with nature
    • How I sit with humanity today – perhaps an encounter with another, and
    • How do I sit with myself – how do I feel about myself today.

Then a good question might be: What is my unique gift that I bring to our conversation today for the earth, for humanity and for our decision making today?

There are some great tools to support this type of process which could be for 5 minutes at the start of a meeting or an hour or more to allow fuller exploration at the start of a workshop or conference.

My brother Nick Safstrom and I have created a deck of quirky animal cards that are a potential tool for exploring our feelings in elation to the earth and its creatures through the feelings expressed in the cards.

Picture of a card here

These cards are available for purchase at ??

More great tools – including a deck of cards that could be used to assist connecting with Earth in our decision, the Oblique Inspiration cards – are available through