The WA Annual Men’s Gathering

The WA Men’s Gathering is an annual event for men providing life-changing opportunities.The Gathering allows men from a wide range of backgrounds to connect and forge new friendships and to develop as a man through a series of high quality activities over the course of the weekend.

Men attend the Gathering can be aged from 16 to 80+, are from all walks of life, careers and social backgrounds. There is no ‘typical’ gathering attendee. What we do find is the men who attend are usually seeking ways to discover themselves and a better way to live their lives and be part of their communities

The Gathering weekend is dedicated to men sharing their experiences and giving each other insight into how they feel, and what it is like for them as a man in today’s ever changing world.

Gatherings are open to all men from any background, religious, political or sexual persuasion. We encourage freedom for men to be themselves and accept other men as they are. The website for the Annual Men’s Gathering is

The gatherings offer a safe, non-judgemental, supportive space where men can explore the connections, modalities, challenges and exercises that facilitate real and lasting change.